Carole's Marriage To Horace Schmidlapp

On December 8, 1945 Carole married William Horace Schmidlapp, her fourth husband. Horace was born in 1916 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He came from a wealthy family and became a Broadway producer. Carole's close friend Jacqueline Susann introduced her to Horace in the Spring of 1945. They were married in New York City and honeymooned in Cuba. Carole called her new husband "Poppie" and said "He's my definition of an ideal husband. In Horace I've found a man instead of a boy". She took time off from her career while she lived with Horace in New York. There were rumors that he was going to produce a movie for Carole but it never happened. In 1947 the couple bought a thirteen room mansion in Pacific Palisades. They both wanted to have a baby so they built a nursery in their new home. When Carole was unable to get pregnant they visited several orphanages and considered adopting a child.

Carole said "I have now what I've always wanted in a marriage. I have the feeling of a deep security which will insure a permanent future with children of our own. I have a home now, not merely a house. My husband has a solid sense of values and brings out the best in me. We're already planning a home in the East with at least three children. When this happens, I'll commute to Hollywood for my picture assignments." Unfortunately Carole was unhappy with her marriage and during the summer of 1947 she began having an affair with actor Rex Harrison. She filed for divorce in March of 1948. Just four months later Carole committed suicide at the age of twenty-nine. After her death Horace fought with her family over the estate. He later dated Lana Turner and Sheree North. Horace married Patricia Kennedy in 1958 and moved to Florida. He died in 1987 at the age of seventy-one.