Why Carole Never Had Children

"I find I'm terribly anxious to start living in a real home of my own and once my children arrive, they and my husband will be the most important things in my life." ~ Carole

Carole loved children and one of her biggest dreams was to become a mother. When she married Tommy Wallace in 1943 she told reporters that they wanted to have a child before the war was over. Carole said "Either a boy or girl will suit me - I'll love whichever comes along". Sadly Carole was never able to have a child. She suffered from a condition called endometriosis which makes it difficult to become pregnant. Carole became very depressed when she and Tommy didn't have a baby. It was also frustrating that her sister Dorothy was able to have four healthy children. Carole doted on her nieces and nephews but she was desperate to have a child of her own.

Carole with her niece Diane Carole (who was named after her)

Carole with her niece Sharon

During her marriage to Horace Schmidlapp she once again tried to get pregnant. The couple even built a nursery in their Pacific Palisades mansion.When she couldn't conceive they consulted fertility experts but it didn't help. The couple also considered adopting a child from an orphanage. Carole told a friend that every time she saw a woman with a baby she wished she could trade lives with them. After Carole's death there were rumors that she had been pregnant with Rex Harrison's baby. However her autopsy showed that she was not pregnant when she died and that she could never have a baby.