Why Carole Never Had Children

Carole loved children and one of her biggest dreams was to become a mother. When she married Tommy Wallace in 1943 she told reporters that they wanted lots of kids. Sadly Carole was never able to have a child. She suffered from a condition called endometriosis which makes is difficult to become pregnant. Carole became very depressed when she couldn't have a baby. The fact that her sister Dorothy was able to have four healthy children seemed to make Carole even more desperate to be a mother. During her marriage to Horace Schmidlapp she once again tried to get pregnant. When she couldn't conceive they briefly considered adopting a child from Cuba. Carole told a friend that every time she saw a woman with a baby she wished she could trade lives with them. After Carole died there were rumors that she had been pregnant with Rex Harrison's baby. However her autopsy show that she was not pregnant and that she could never have a child.


Here are some quotes from Carole about having children ...

"It is a great disappointment to me that I'm not expecting along with several other of my married friends. Both my husband and I feel that it is time to forget about the superficial things in life. It is the natural, wholesome way of living - having children and establishing a home - that counts. Having a child makes a soldier realize that he has something very real to fight for. With a home and a family waiting for him, he has an incentive to give everything he has. When the war is over, we intend to buy a large ranch in Nevada. Lots of space, several children, simple living is our dream. Although my career is secondary, it will be necessary for me, and a lot of other wives, to help financially until my husband gets back into civilian life."

"We're really eager for that family of three children. I think Horace prefers boys but I'll be satisfied with either boys or girls, although I think an arrangement of two boys and a girl would be nice. I find I'm terribly anxious to start living in a real home of my own and once my children arrive, they and my husband will be the most important things in my life. My motion picture career will be of secondary importance."

Carole with her niece Diane Carole (who was named after her)

Carole with her niece Sharon