Radio Shows

Carole appeared on more than seventy radio shows during her career! She acted on radio dramas, she performed skits with other celebrities, and she even hosted a few shows. You can listen to fourteen of her radio shows here ...

April 24, 1938 ~ Special Agent with John Ridgely (Carole's radio debut)

February 16, 1941 ~ Brother Orchid with Pat O'Brien and Donald Crisp

August 16, 1942 ~ Vox Pop at Mare Island

September 3, 1942 ~ Mail Call with Henry Fonda and Don Ameche

May 10, 1943 ~ Johnny Eager with John Garfield

June 5, 1943 ~Blue Ribbon Town with Groucho Marx

November 8, 1943 ~ George Washington Slept Here with Jack Carson

December 16, 1943 ~ Bob Burns Show with Dick Haymes (Carole talks about Four Jills In A Jeep)

February 21, 1944 ~ Design For Scandal with Robert Young

April 11, 1944 ~ Duffy's Tavern with Ed Gardner

November 12, 1944 ~ Philco Radio Hall of Fame with Charles Boyer and Nan Wynn

1945 interview with Mary Margaret McBride (Carole talks about her childhood)

 March 16, 1946 ~ Continental Celebrity Club with John Daly

 December 26, 1946 ~ Command Performance with Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Durante