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Carole Landis

You can now read 21 magazine articles about Carole's life and career. Some of these articles were even written by Carole herself! Just click on the links below to read them ...

She Won't Depend On The Landis Line (1940)

Glamour Girls Are Suckers (1941) ~ Written by Carole

Lucky Landis (1941)

It's Out-Landis (1941)

What Carole Landis Demands From Men (1941) ~ Friendship with Cesar Romero

Hollywood's Most-Dated Starlet (1941)

Determined Lady (1941)

Don't Ration Your Appetite (1942) ~ Written by Carole

Inside The Stars Homes (1942)

Chorus Girl No. 12 (1942)

Film Star Marries An Airman (1943) ~ Marriage to Tommy Wallace

My Wartime Honeymoon (1943) ~ Written by Carole

Fighting War Bride (1943) ~ Marriage to Tommy Wallace

Carole Landis' War Diary (1943) ~ World War 2

Schedule For Tomorrow (1943) ~ World War 2

There's A Job For Your 16mm Sound Projector (1943) ~ Written by Carole

Don't Marry A Stranger (1945) ~ Written by Carole

The Heartbreaking True Story Of Carole Landis (1948) ~ Written by Clara Ridste

The Truth About Carole Landis (1948) ~ Written by Carole's friend

Hollywood Heartbreak (1948) ~ Carole's death

The End Of A Doomed Affair (2018) ~ Carole's death

Carole Landis