Inside Carole's Homes

Carole lived in several different houses and apartments during the 1940s. Let's take a look inside her homes ...

In 1941 Carole rented a ten room home at 12424 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. She decorated the house with an Asian theme. The living room had red drapes, a red sofa with leopard print pillows, and a piano. There was a Chinese statue named "Ophelia" on the mantle. Her bedroom had two white bear skin rugs. The home's owner, Edna May Oliver, had installed bars on the windows. Carole lived here with her mother Clara and her many dogs.

In 1942 Carole bought a beachfront house at 703 Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. She decorated the house with a Mexican theme except for the living room which had a Chinese motif. The bar was designed to look a like a ship's cabin. Outside there was a walled patio where Carole liked to sunbathe. Every weekend she entertained dozens of soldiers at the house. Her husband Tommy Wallace lived here with her.

In 1944 Carole and her husband Tommy moved into an apartment at 1220 Sunset Plaza Drive in Los Angeles. Her close friend Don Loper decorated the apartment. The bedroom had a pink satin bed and a pink dressing table. In the living room there were silk curtains and matching silk covers for the chairs. She filled the bookcases with her large collection of books.