Carole's Films


Carole starred in more than forty movies during her career. Here is a list of all her film appearances and where you can watch them ...


Noose / The Silk Noose (Linda Medbury) * WATCH IT *

Brass Monkey (Kay Sheldon) * WATCH A SCENE *


Out of the Blue (Mae Earthleigh) * WATCH IT *


It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (Julia Andrews) * WATCH IT *

A Scandal in Paris (Loretta de Richet) * WATCH IT *

Behind Green Lights (Janet Bradley) * WATCH IT *


Having Wonderful Crime (Helene Justus) * WATCH  IT*


Secret Command (Jill McGann) * WATCH IT *


Wintertime (Flossie Fouchere) * WATCH A SCENE *

The Powers Girl (Kay Evans) * WATCH IT *


It Happened in Flatbush (Kathryn Baker) * WATCH IT *

Manila Calling (Edna Fraser) * WATCH A SCENE *

A Gentleman at Heart (Helen Mason) * WATCH IT *

Orchestra Wives (Natalie Mercer) * WATCH A SCENE *

My Gal Sal (Mae Collins) * WATCH A SCENE *

Cadet Girl (Gene Baxter)

I Wake Up Screaming (Vicky Lynn) * WATCH A SCENE *

Dance Hall (Lily Brown) * WATCH IT *

Topper Returns (Ann Carrington) * WATCH IT *

Moon Over Miami (Barbara Latimer) * WATCH A SCENE *

Road Show (Penguin Moore) * WATCH IT *

Hedda Hopper's Hollywood (Herself) * WATCH IT *

Hollywood Meets The Navy (Herself) * WATCH IT *


Mystery Sea Raider (June McCarthy) * WATCH IT *

Turnabout (Sally Willows) * WATCH IT *

One Million B.C. (Loana) * WATCH IT *


 Reno (Mrs. Humphrey)

Three Texas Steers (Nancy Evans) * WATCH A SCENE *

Cowboys from Texas (June Jones) * WATCH A SCENE *

Daredevils of the Red Circle - A 12 Part Serial (Blanche Granville) * WATCH THE SERIES *


Boy Meets Girl (Commissary cashier) * WATCH A SCENE *

Four's a Crowd (Myrtle)

Penrod's Double Trouble (Girl at fair) * WATCH A SCENE *

When Were You Born (Ship passenger) * WATCH A SCENE *

The Adventures of Robin Hood (Guest at banquet) * WATCH IT *

Over The Wall (Peggy) * WATCH A SCENE *

 Blondes at Work (Carol) * WATCH A SCENE *

Men Are Such Fools (June Cooper)  * WATCH A SCENE *

The Patient In Room 18 (extra) * WATCH A SCENE *

Gold Diggers In Paris (Gold digger) * WATCH A SCENE *

A Slight Case of Murder (Guest at party) * WATCH A SCENE *

Love, Honor and Behave (Wheel watcher at party)

Hollywood Hotel (Hat check girl) * WATCH A SCENE *

The Invisible Menace (Girl with Johnnie) * WATCH A SCENE *

Women Are Like That (Party guest)

Torchy Blane In Panama (Miss Leopard) * WATCH A SCENE *

Girls On Probation (extra) * WATCH IT *


Over The Goal (extra sitting at table) * WATCH IT *

Trailer For Tovarich ~ Carole appears in the trailer but it not in the film * WATCH IT *

The Adventurous Blonde (extra)

She Loved a Fireman (Sunbathing woman on roof) * WATCH A SCENE *

Alcatraz Island (extra)

Missing Witnesses (extra)

 Varsity Show (Student dancer)

Broadway Melody of 1938 (Chorus girl) * WATCH IT *

Fly Away Baby (extra)

The Emperor's Candlesticks (extra during dance scene) * WATCH A SCENE *

A Day at the Races (extra)

A Star Is Born (extra) * WATCH IT *

The King and the Chorus Girl (extra) * WATCH A SCENE *