Broadway & Jacqueline Susann

In 1945 Carole made her Broadway debut in the musical A Lady Says Yes. The plot was about a Navy lieutenant who hallucinates during surgery and imagines himself back in 1500's Venice. Carole played a beautiful seductress named Ghisella. She got to sing several songs including "Without a Caress" and "Don't Wake Them Up Too Soon". In a letter to a friend Carole wrote "It's fun to be in a musical again. We have songs by Arthur Gershwin and I think they'll be very popular. The costumes are lovely."

    Jacqueline Susann, Carole, and Christine Ayres

A Lady Says Yes opened on January 10, 1945 at the Broadhurst theatre . Reviewers called it a "silly, harmless diversion" but they praised Carole's performance. Unfortunately A Lady Says Yes was not a hit and it closed after only eighty-seven performances. While working in the show Carole had a romantic relationship with her female costar Jacqueline Susann. In 1966 Jacqueline wrote the best-selling novel Valley Of The Dolls. The character of Jennifer North was based on Carole.


Buddy Morris, Carole, and Sue Ryan