Marriage To Irving Wheeler

Carole Landis Irving Wheeler
Carole, Irving Wheeler, and Dorothy Ridste

In the Fall of 1933 Carole started dating twenty year old Irving Kay Wheeler, a civilian conservation corps worker. Irving was born in Connecticut and grew up in Banning, California. Carole eloped with Irving on January 14, 1934 in Yuma, Arizona. Because Carole was only fifteen she lied about her age on the marriage license. When her mother Clara found out she had the marriage annulled and Irving was arrested for "contributing to the delinquency of a minor". The charges were dropped after Irving proved that he and Carole were married. On August 25, 1934 the couple got married again. This time they had the consent of Carole's father Alfred Ridste. Carole and Irving moved into a one room apartment with no refrigerator. After just three weeks of marriage she walked out on him. Irving eventually went to Hollywood and became an actor using the name Jack Robbins.

Irving Wheeler
Irving in 1938

Carole Landis Irving WheelerIrving Wheeler

In 1938 he sued Carole's boyfriend Busby Berkeley for $250,000 claiming "alienation of affection". The suit was dismissed and Carole officially divorced Irving in 1939. She told reporters "I didn't think anyone knew I'd ever been married. I thought Irving had forgotten our marriage, too. We lived together for three weeks and then had an argument. I've only seen him once since then, and that was when he told me he wanted a divorce." Carole got Irving a job as a stand-in on her 1942 film A Gentleman In Heart. He also worked as Bob Hope's stand-in and was briefly engaged to singer Ella Mae Morse. In 1946 Irving inherited a million dollar estate from his grandfather. Unfortunately he was arrested in 1954 on a narcotics charge. At the time he was on parole and using the name Irving Decker.

Carole Landis Irving WheelerCarole Landis Irving Wheeler

Carole Landis Irving WheelerIrving Wheeler
Carole and Irving's marriage license                                                                                                        

Irving WheelerIrving Wheeler