Carole In England


In August of 1947 Carole traveled to London, England to make two movies for Eagle-Lion Studios - Brass Monkey and Noose. At the time she was unhappily married to Horace Schmidlapp and having an affair with actor Rex Harrison. Horace decided to stay in New York City but Rex followed Carole to London. Their affair continued and got more serious even though Rex's wife, Lilli Palmer, came with him. Carole filmed Brass Monkey at Twickenhan Studios and stayed at the Savoy Hotel with her poodle Gina. She lived in England for nearly six months and fell in love with the country.

Carole said "I loved England and working there was really stimulating." When she wasn't working she went to many parties, visited the zoo, and spent time with her close friend Lt. Troy who had been injured during the war. She was so busy that during her first two months there she lost eleven pounds. On November 25 Carole participated in a charity performance of The Bishop's Wife for King George and Queen Elizabeth. After the show she attended a star-studded celebration with Bob Hope, Loretta Young, Patricia Roc, Rex Harrison, and Lilli Palmer. She was not photographed with Harrison but she did pose with Lilli.

Lilli Palmer, Patricia Roc, and Carole

In January of 1948 Carole was featured on the cover of the British magazine Film Illustrated Monthly. Horace came to visit her but they only spent a few days together. She finished filming Noose in February and returned to California. Lana Turner had been renting her Pacific Palisades home while she was away. Carole filed for divorce and the press began to gossip about her close relationship with Rex. She told her friends that she was returning to England in August to make The Amazing Mr. X. Sadly Carole would take her own life just a few weeks before she was supposed to leave.

At the London zoo

With her poodle Gina