Personal Letters To Lt. Troy

We recently found a rare collection of personal letters Carole wrote to her dear friend Lieutenant Troy. Carole met Lt. Troy during World War 2 and she spent time with him in England in 1947. The last letter from Carole was written on July 2, 1948 just two days before her suicide.

Thank you to Carole's fan, Flora Jenner, for sharing these letters with us. We are looking for more information about Lt. Troy. If anyone can help please write to us at

Carole and Lt. Troy in 1948

 "2-7-48 To my dearest friend - Sorry that it's taken so long for me to reply but an awful lot has been happening at the moment. I'm sorry this is such a short note but I'm very tired tonight. I promise to call sometime next week- love - Carole"

 "30-5-48 My darling - Thank you so much for my most beautiful present. I promise I shall get you something in return next time I see you. I'm so sorry that you're felling unwell - I promise to come & visit as soon as possible. Yours forever, Carole"

 "15-1-47 Darling - Just a brief note but I'm just dying to know if you've read that book I sent you yet. And if so - what did you think? Don't you think Mr. Maugham is one of the greatest writers ever? If you like I could find you more. I heard Warner Brothers are doing a picture of "Of Human Bondage". Anyway I'm going for a dip in the pool - All the best, Carole"

 "16-7-45 My darling -you are the greatest friend and love I could have ever have dreamed of. I'm sorry if my actions have ever hurt you in the past. You will always be my dearest love and I pray one day we will be together always. I just had to write this for I fear you are upset. Carole"

"5-12-44 Why didn't you write sooner? I've been tearing the place up with worry. If you need or want all you need you do is request and I'll get if for you anything. Are the hospital taking good care of you? If it's difficult for you to write please get a nurse or someone to write for you. I can arrange a specialist to come look at your eyes, though I'm sure they'll get better. Even the doctors agree there will be little worry so I'm sure you're sight will heal just as well. Please try to reply as soon as possible, and don't worry my darling - Carole"