Thursday, February 18, 2016

Did Carole Inspire Marilyn Monroe?

Carole became a star a decade before Marilyn Monroe but these two sex symbols still had a lot in common. They were both blonde pin-ups who became famous for their voluptuous figures. Both women worked for 20th Century Fox and desperately wanted to become serious actresses. Carole and Marilyn each endured several failed marriages and became romantically involved with married men. Sadly these two beautiful actresses died very young and their tragic deaths were ruled as suicides. Although they never met it seems that Marilyn was inspired by some of Carole's photos ...

In 1940 Carole demonstrated how she stretches. Marilyn posed for an almost identical photo in 1950.

 Carole was photographed splashing in her pool in 1946. Marilyn did a very similar photo shoot a few years later.

In 1943 Carole posed lounging in a white bikini. Ten years later Marilyn was photographed the exact same way.

 In 1946 Carole and nineteen year year old Marilyn both appeared on the cover of US Camera