Carole's Lovers

Carole was a hopeless romantic who spent her entire life searching for true love. She married four husbands and dated some of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. Here are some of the men she loved ....

Carole was engaged to screenwriter and producer Gene Markey in 1942. He was twenty-three years older than her and had been married to Hedy Lamar. Carole started dating him in 1941 but she continued to see other men. She said "Gene Markey gives me books of plays to read, books about the theater; he talks to me about the theater and gives me the feeling we are talking about it". Gene gave Carole her beloved Great Dane Donner. Their relationship got serious in the Spring of 1942 and they were engaged for a short time. When the press announced they were getting married in Washington Carole told them "I'm going to Washington for a visit, that's all. Mr. Markey is there and of course I will see him, but there are no immediate plans to announce." Soon after they parted as friends. In 1946 Gene married Myrna Loy. Gene died on May 1, 1980 at the age of eighty-four.

Carole and director Hal Roach Jr. (son of producer Hal Roach) had a short-lived romance during the filming of One Million B.C. in the Fall of 1939.

Carole started dating producer Pat DiCicco (right) in January of 1940. She broke up with him a couple of months later when he became violent.

Carole and art director Cedric Gibbons started dating in October of 1940. She left him for Franchot Tone a month later but they stayed friends.

Carole began a serious relationship with Franchot Tone in November of 1940. She fell madly in love with him and wanted to get married. Although Franchot ended the relationship in early 1941 they remained close friends.

Carole and movie legend Charlie Chaplin started dating in March of 1941. In April he gave her a 150-carat topaz bracelet but they broke up soon after.

Carole met actor George Montgomery in the Spring of 1941 when they made the musical Cadet Girl. They dated each other for a few months.

Carole and actor Tony Martin dated for a few weeks in the Fall of 1941. In September they attended the premiere of A Yank In The RAF together.

Carole and her attorney Greg Bautzer went on several dates in the Fall of 1942

Carole dated millionaire Woolworth Donahue for a couple of months in late 1944

Carole had an an on-again off-again affair with entertainer George Jessel that lasted for years