Marriage To Tommy Wallace

On January 5, 1943 Carole married Captain Thomas Wallace in London, England. He was a twenty-five year old pilot in the Royal Air Force's American "Eagle Squadron". Carole met him on November 13, 1942 when she was entertaining soldiers in England. She said "Something hit me right in the heart. I only looked at him for a minute, but I saw his wonderful dimples, his tremendously expressive eyes, his curly hair."  Thomas Cherry Wallace was born in Oakdale, Pennsylvania on October 15, 1917. After his father died in 1933 he moved to Pasadena with his mother. Tommy worked as a bank clerk before joining the Air Force.

He proposed to Carole on their first date and gave her his signet ring. The wedding was almost cancelled when Carole suffered an appendicitis a week before the ceremony. She recovered and asked the doctor who removed her appendix to give her away. The Catholic ceremony took place at the Church of Our Lady Of Assumption on Warrick Street. Carole wore a cream colored satin dress designed by Norman Hartnell, a strand of pearls, and orange blossoms in her hair. Her bouquet was made of white carnations and orchids. Mitzi Mayfair and Kay Francis were among the guests. Hundreds of fans waited outside the church to see the bride and groom. Tommy told reporters "I am probably the luckiest man in the world".

Carole said "I want to have a wonderful marriage and children whom I may love and make a fuss over long after the movies are gone." She wrote about their romance in her book Four Jills In A Jeep and the wedding was recreated in the 1944 film. The newlyweds could not have a honeymoon because Carole traveled to North Africa three days after the wedding to perform for the troops. Tommy was stationed overseas during most of their marriage so they spent very little time together. She wrote to him every day they were apart and kept six photos of him in her bedroom. Unfortunately Tommy hated her Hollywood lifestyle and wanted her to give up her career to become a housewife.

When their marriage started to fall apart Carole attempted suicide. The couple separated in October 1944 and were divorced the following year. Carole always considered Tommy the great love of her life. In a magazine article she wrote "No woman ever loved a man more than I loved Tommy Wallace. And Tommy loved me, too. All my life, above all the rest, I want to remember that." Tommy married his second wife JoAnne Doherty in 1946. They moved to England and had two sons. He served in the Air Force during the Korean war and later worked for Goodyear. Tragically on November 16, 1968 Tommy passed away in Venezuela at the age of fifty-one.


We want to thank Tommy's family for giving us information about his life after Carole