Having Wonderful Crime (1945)

In 1945 Carole starred in the screwball comedy Having Wonderful Crime. She is Helene Justus, a ditzy newlywed who gets involved in a murder mystery while on her honeymoon. 20th Century Fox loaned her to RKO to make the movie. George Murphy plays Helene's husband Jake Justus who helps her solve a crime involving a missing magician and a check for $50,000. She and George also costarred in the 1942 comedy The Powers Girl. The cast includes Pat O'Brien, Chili Williams, and Lenore Aubert. Carole was close friends with Pat O'Brien and his wife Eloise. She and Pat had worked together before in Secret Command. Having Wonderful Crime was based on the book by Craig Rice.


The movie was directed by Carole's friend Eddie Sutherland who would later be a pallbearer at her funeral. The costumes were designed by Edward Stevenson. Having Wonderful Crime was made as a low budget B-movie. It was filmed on location in Del Monte, Carmel, and Malibu Lake. Filming began on April 25, 1944 and ended on July 1. During this time Carole was having marital problems and she was hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Having Wonderful Crime was released on April 12, 1945. The tagline for the film was "When a body meets a body...in a trunk". Unfortunately the movie was not a box-office hit. Although most of the reviews were mixed many critics said that Carole gave one of her best performances.

With Lenore Aubert

With Pat O'Brien and George Murphy