Carole's Songs

Carole had a beautiful voice and she loved to sing. She had started her career as a nightclub singer in San Francisco. Carole sang duets on the radio with stars like Groucho Marx and Bob Hope. She also recorded several songs for the troops during World War 2. Unfortunately Carole never recorded a studio album. You can listen to some of her songs here ...

It Had To Be You (from a 1945 radio performance)

Personality (from a 1946 radio performance)

Sunday Monday and Always with Martha Raye and Mitzi Mayfair


I'm An Old Cowhand with Bob Hope


Pistol Packin' Mama with Bob Hope


Crazy Me from Four Jills In A Jeep

I'm Your Pin-Up Girl

O The Desert O The Prairie with Groucho Marx


SNAFU with Mitzi Mayfair and Martha Raye