Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bathing Suit Pin-Ups

Carole had one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood. Her measurements were 37 (bust) 24 (waist) 35 (hips) . She was always being asked to pose for sexy pin-up photos. Carole said "A bathing suit is a girl's best friend in Hollywood. No girl should consider herself too important for that kind of publicity." Here are some of Carole's bathing suit pin-ups ...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Why Carole Never Had Children

Carole loved children and one of her biggest dreams was to become a mother. When she married Tommy Wallace in 1943 she told reporters that they wanted lots of kids. Sadly Carole was never able to have a child. She suffered from a condition called endometriosis which makes is difficult to become pregnant. Carole became very depressed when she couldn't have a baby. The fact that her sister Dorothy was able to have four healthy children seemed to make Carole even more desperate to be a mother. During her marriage to Horace Schmidlapp she once again tried to get pregnant. When she couldn't conceive they briefly considered adopting a child from Cuba. After Carole died there were rumors that she had been pregnant with Rex Harrison's baby. However her autopsy show that she was not pregnant and that she could never have a child.

 An article about Carole's autopsy                                                                  

Here are some quotes from Carole about having children ...

From a 1944 interview: "It is a great disappointment to me that I'm not expecting along with several other of my married friends. Both my husband and I feel that it is time to forget about the superficial things in life. It is the natural, wholesome way of living - having children and establishing a home - that counts. Having a child makes a soldier realize that he has something very real to fight for. With a home and a family waiting for him, he has an incentive to give everything he has. When the war is over, we intend to buy a large ranch in Nevada. Lots of space, several children, simple living is our dream. Although my career is secondary, it will be necessary for me, and a lot of other wives, to help financially until my husband gets back into civilian life."

From a 1946 interview: "We're really eager for that family of three children. I think Horace prefers boys but I'll be satisfied with either boys or girls, although I think an arrangement of two boys and a girl would be nice. I find I'm terribly anxious to start living in a real home of my own and once my children arrive, they and my husband will be the most important things in my life. My motion picture career will be of secondary importance."

Carole with her nieces Sharon Ross and Diane Carole Ross

Carole with her nephew William Ross in 1947

Famous Friends

Everyone in Hollywood wanted to be Carole's friend! Here is she with some of her famous fans ...

With Yvonne De Carlo

With actor Tom Drake                                                                                              With Raoul Walsh

                                           With Xavier Cugat                                                                 With Carmel Myers                                              

 With Gracie Fields                                                                                       With Victor Mature

 With Steve Cochran                                                                           With Dorothy Lamour

 With Ed Sullivan                                                                         With Robert Stack

 With Linda Darnell                                                                                 With Randolph Scott

 With Gary Cooper                                                                            With Mickey Rooney

Monday, January 30, 2017

Carole At Warner Brothers (1937-1938)

In the spring of 1937 eighteen year old Carole auditioned for director Busby Berkeley. He was impressed with her dancing and her beauty. Busby gave her a small role in Varsity Show, the Warner Brothers musical he was directing. Carole appeared as in a few scenes and was featured in the musical finale. Off screen she started a highly publicized romance with Busby (who was 24 years older than her). He helped Carole get a contract at Warner Brothers for $50 a week. She was given bit parts in more than a dozen films including Hollywood Hotel, Gold Diggers In Paris, The Patient In Room 18, and Blondes At Work.


Although most of her parts were forgettable she was beginning to make a name for herself in Hollywood. Carole posed for dozens of publicity photos and became known for her sexy leg art. She said "It was the leg art that did the trick. Naughty leg art, if you happen to look at it in that light. You see when the boys needed someone to pose in a skin-tight white bathing suit, go sleigh riding in shorts, or climb a ladder in a skirt they would yell 'Get Landis!' and Landis was willin'. That made everybody happy except, maybe, the goody-goods and the bluenoses and I suspect they took a second peek now and then."

In 1938 she starred in the Warner Brother Academy radio show "Special Agent" and appeared on the cover of Pic magazine. While working at the studio she changed her hair from platinum blonde to brunette. Then in May of 1938 her estranged husband Irving Wheeler sued Busby Berkeley for alienation of affection. He lost the case but the bad publicity hurt Carole's reputation. When her contract ended in the summer Warner Brothers decided not to renew it. Soon after her relationship with Busby also came to an end. Nineteen year old Carole was now single and out of work.

Listen to Carole in Special Agent

Carole and Busby Berkeley                                                             

Carole and Rosemary Lane in Gold Diggers In Paris

 Carole on the Warner Brothers lot                                                             

With Sterling Holloway in Varsity Show